Changable Victorian weather.

Monday 23 April

Well we are now paying the price for a week of really exceptionally good weather. As is so often the case, Victoria managed to put on four seasons in a single day with strong northerly winds in the morning, heavy rain in the middle of the day then some small hail and finally a sunny, but windy, afternoon. A team went out in Trim to the barge in the morning and managed to get the two halves of the 2500L water tank (that we cut in half yesterday) onto the barge and weighted down so they will not blow away. Then it was back to Queenscliff for pies from the bakery. Despite several re-evaluations during the day it proved too windy to safely dive from the barge and so activity shifted back to Portarlington.

 Mark Staniforth
 The results of a big shop.

 Several people have been busy working on old hard copy reports, which have already been turned into pdfs. but now need to be turned into Word documents to allow easier reading and for possible inclusion in the final project report. Thanks to Georgia, Amelia, Maddy, Liesel, Kurt and Eric for their great efforts on this project.

One of the big achievements for the day was getting a delivery of 10 tons of sand and shovelling it into 546 sandbags ready to be dropped on site starting from tomorrow. Also many of the photos taken during the first week have now been processed and documented including the mugshots that are regularly appearing with each news update. Some new people (Jane, Diane and Celeste) arrived during the day which brings the team up over 25 and feeding them takes a lot of food – our highest shopping bill to date is more than $1,300.

by Mark Staniforth
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Monash University