Department of the Environment Innovation Award 2015

Innovation Award for AHSPP’s Andrew Viduka 

Viduka 2013 copy

In February 2015 Dr Gordon de Brouwer, Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, presented an Award for Innovation to Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project Research Associate Andrew Viduka. Andy is the Assistant Director of Maritime Heritage in the Department, and a key player in the development of the AHSPP.

 With the support of his Department, Andy was instrumental in the conception of the original project, the selection of the Clarence site as the primary case study, and the national collaboration between the Project’s partners. He was a key author of the research design that formed the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant application along with Lead Chief Investigator Professor Peter Veth of the University of Western Australia’s School of Social Sciences.

The Secretary’s Award is due recognition for Andy’s innovative idea that evolved into the AHSPP, thereby creating this unique project in maritime heritage management. With the AHSPP team now working towards the development of national and international policy for the in-situ preservation and rapid reburial of at risk historic shipwrecks, his innovative idea will leave a long-term legacy to preserve and protect our collective underwater cultural heritage.

Congratulations to Andy and the AHSPP team.