AHSPP Data Workshop

The Australian Historic Shipwreck Protection Project held a Data workshop over the weekend of 17 and 18 March 2012. The workshop was held at the Heritage Victoria Conservation and Research Centre in Abbotsford. Chief Investigators Peter Veth and Mark Staniforth, Project Manager Cass Philippou, Research Associate Andy Viduka and other Researchers Mike Nash, Toni Massey, Amer Khan and Jennifer Rodrigues attended. The group discussed site and object measurement and recording procedures including data formats, data capture methods and file naming protocols. The workshop also included an exercise working with Site Recorder 4 which will be used during the fieldwork coming up in April.

 Caption – Participants in the AHSPP Data workshop (left to right: Peter Veth, Cass Philippou, Amer Khan and Toni Massey (photo by Jen Rodrigues)