AHSPP Anthology to be published on BiblioBoard!

Early in 2013 the AHSPP signed up to a new digital library module called ‘Artifacts of History’ created by South Carolina company BiblioBoard. This will allow a huge range of images, publications, videos and interviews from the Clarence project (including past research) to be accessed through library database subscriptions and also vis a free iPad & Android App. Access to the Clarence anthology will be completely free of charge.

BiblioBoard included us in their blog on 9 April 2013 because they were so excited to have us on board.

We have just finished curating the anthology and expect it to be live in the next four weeks. A paper on the BiblioBoard Clarence Anthology will be presented at the 2013 AIMA Conference in Canberra.

We will let you know as soon as the project is available.

I have borrowed a short description from the BiblioBoard website for you:

BiblioBoard is an award winning App and web ecosystem that connects tens of thousands of library patrons and consumers with digital archives from all over the world. It is a brand new multimedia experience built around primary source historical content and a growing library of contemporary publisher content focused on historical subjects. We have aligned our ecosystem with the Readers First movement which aims to improve e-book access and services for library users.

  • Web, iPad®, Kindle Fire HD®, Nexus 7®, Galaxy Tab®
  • Millions of pages of primary source content
  • Streaming audio and video


Cass Philippou

AHSPP Project Manager