A magnificent day on site

Tuesday 17 April

After a comprehensive briefing this morning all of the project participants were raring to get into the water. A team was sent out in the morning to adjust the ladder leading down to the dive platform after concerns arose yesterday about the steep climb back onto the barge. A second team went out on Trim in the afternoon. Conditions were absolutely perfect and Clarence was clearly visible from the barge.

Georgia Wright 
 Amer Khan working on Clarence (photo by Deb Shefi)
 Surface Supply diving courtesy of Professional Diving Services (photo by Andy Viduka)

Brad and Mike were first into the water. A series of star pickets were set out to establish the survey points for the excavation. Sandbags, which will be used for the reburial of the Clarence, were thrown overboard from the barge and Matt and Amer jumped in the water to move the sandbags to the starboard side of the shipwreck. Nearing the end of the afternoon Deb grabbed the opportunity to hop in on snorkel and take some photographs of Clarence. It was a magnificent day on site.

by Georgia Wright
Honours student 
University of Sydney