10 tons of sand bagged and ready for deployment

On Saturday 30th March and Tuesday 3rd April, a team of enthusiastic volunteers (and two dogs) assisted Cass and Mark with bagging 10 tons of sand into more than 600 UV-stabilised woven polyethylene sandbags to be used for reburial of the Clarence post-excavation. The bags were hefted onto wooden pallets in preparation for delivery to the JUB-1 on Wednesday 4 April.

A big thank you to the MAAV’s Peter Taylor and Des Williams for their help on Saturday, and Eric Bruning, John Yong, Tom Lyons and PDS staff for their hard work finishing off the job on Tuesday. A much smaller thank you to the dogs, Ruby and Tuesday, for providing entertainment and a welcome distraction from the chores. 

Caption – (left) Peter Taylor, Des Williams and Cass Philippou sand bagging and (right) John Yong, Eric Brunning and Tom Lyons packing sand bags onto a pallet.